Reasons for no oiling or insufficient output of CNC hydraulic press


1. The slide wedge of numerical control hydraulic press is too tight, and the movement of eccentric mechanism is blocked greatly. The sliding block shall be kept with proper clearance to make it move flexibly.
2. The control plunger of the hydraulic cylinder of the variable mechanism of the equipment is seriously worn, the clearance increases, the seal fails, and the leakage is serious, which causes the variable mechanism to fail. At this time, it is necessary to replace the control plunger of the variable hydraulic cylinder to ensure the assembly clearance and avoid seal failure and leakage.
3. The oil in the equipment oil tank shall be replenished if it does not pass the oil mark.
4. The failure of the auxiliary pump makes the pressure and flow of the control oil controlling the main pump insufficient, and the control of the main pump fails.
5. The valve core of the equipment variable control valve is stuck. If it is stuck, the operating part shall be disassembled for cleaning.
6. Due to the increased wear clearance between the oil distribution shaft and the bushing, part of the pressure and oil suction cavities are in series, and the flow pressure cannot rise. At this time, the bushing of the oil distribution shaft shall be trimmed, brush plating or electroplating shall be used for grinding, and the bushing shall be replaced when it is seriously strained.
7. The fit clearance between the plunger and the rotor of the numerical control hydraulic press increases due to wear, resulting in increased internal leakage, which makes the output flow of the pump insufficient, and the pressure will not rise. At this time, the equipment shall try to ensure the fit clearance between the outer circle of the column plug and the inner hole of the rotor hole.
8. For the radial piston pump with various variable modes, if there is no flow output or insufficient output flow, it is mainly necessary to find out what causes the eccentricity between the stator and rotor, and why the equipment is always in the condition of small eccentricity.
9. Individual holes in the cylinder that fit with the plunger are out of round or tapered, or the plunger cannot move flexibly in the cylinder bore because the dirt on the CNC hydraulic press is stuck. At this time, the plunger pump shall be disassembled and repaired, the cylinder hole and the cylindrical accuracy of the plunger plug shall be trimmed, and the assembly shall be cleaned to ensure proper assembly clearance.
10. For the radial piston pump with valve type oil distribution, the oil suction and discharge check valves may be faulty. As long as a steel ball or cone valve core is missing, oil cannot be absorbed; When the contact between the steel ball and the valve seat is stuck with dirt or there are deep pits due to wear, oil may not be absorbed or the output flow may not be sufficient due to insufficient oil absorption.

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