Talk about the harm of high temperature of servo hydraulic press


1. The high body temperature of the servo hydraulic press will reduce the viscosity of the oil, increase the leakage, reduce the efficiency of the system and the volume base efficiency of the pump, while the oil film of moving parts such as slide valves will become thinner, resulting in greater friction resistance, which will lead to increased wear and affect the normal operation of the machine.
2. The temperature of the equipment is too high, which will cause thermal deformation of the equipment itself. The thermal expansion of different moving parts in the hydraulic components will be different, which will cause seizure due to the smaller gap between them at the same time, thus reducing the working efficiency of the servo hydraulic press.
3. Too high temperature will greatly reduce the life of hydraulic oil, block the gap between holes, and cause the pressure valve to not work normally.
4. Excessive temperature rise leads to deformation of rubber seals, accelerated aging and leakage.
5. The high temperature reduces the air separation pressure of the oil, resulting in the reduction of the working performance of the hydraulic system. Therefore, we should check and adjust the servo hydraulic press according to its different load requirements. Appropriate hydraulic oil should also be used, such as the viscosity of the oil. If you can choose a lower viscosity, you should also improve the motion conditions, which can reduce the loss caused by friction, and also reduce the load and heat. Of course, the accuracy of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems should also be enhanced.

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