Explain the causes of vibration of CNC hydraulic press


Due to its tonnage, the CNC hydraulic press will not shake during use, so when encountering shaking, stop working, check the reasons, and remember not to be careless.
Phenomenon 1: In the work project, the sudden loss of load is caused by the impact vibration of moving beam, frame and pipe due to the sudden reduction of material fracture deformation resistance during blanking, punching, trimming and other processes.
Phenomenon 2: Sudden return stroke CNC hydraulic press after pressurization. Due to the elastic compression of the working cylinder liquid under pressure, the corresponding energy is stored. During the return stroke, the unloading pressure is fast. The sudden release of this energy will also cause shock and vibration.
Phenomenon 3: When the sliding beam suddenly stops moving and the pipeline valve suddenly opens or closes, the sliding beam suddenly stops moving, which will cause impact vibration due to the inertial action of the frame. When the pipeline valve is suddenly closed, the inertia of liquid flowing in the pipeline will also cause impact vibration, while when the pipeline valve is suddenly opened, the sudden flow of liquid and rapid change of speed will also cause impact vibration.
To sum up, the operation and use of CNC hydraulic press should form a good habit, and regular maintenance should also be carried out. Reasons for

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