What needs to be done before starting the servo hydraulic press


Servo hydraulic press is a kind of energy saving and high efficiency hydraulic press that uses servo motor to drive the main transmission oil pump, reduce the control valve circuit and control the hydraulic press slider. Suitable for stamping, die forging, press fitting, straightening and other processes.
What should be done before starting the servo hydraulic press:
(1) Measure the insulation resistance (not less than 0.5M for low-voltage motors);
(2) Measure the power supply voltage, check whether the motor wiring is correct and whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements;
(3) Check whether the starting equipment is in good condition;
(4) Check whether the fuse is suitable;
(5) Check whether the motor is well grounded and grounded;
(6) Check whether the transmission device has defects;
(7) Check whether the servo hydraulic press motor environment is suitable, and remove combustibles and other sundries.

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