How to do well in the maintenance of CNC hydraulic press


Correct use of CNC hydraulic press, careful maintenance and strict implementation of safety operation procedures are the main conditions for prolonging the service life of equipment and ensuring safe production. Therefore, besides being familiar with the structure and performance of the machine, the operator should also pay attention to the following points.
1. The commissioning and maintenance of the equipment requires personnel. When disassembling the hydraulic components, the components should be placed in a clean place, and the sealing surfaces should not be scratched.
2. The hydraulic oil is the energy transmission medium when the equipment is working. The quality, cleanliness and viscosity of the hydraulic oil play a major role in the life of the hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve and hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, attention should be paid to the quality of the hydraulic oil and the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil when using the hydraulic station. The oil used in the system shall be strictly filtered, and the system shall be equipped with an oil filter.
3. Under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the CNC hydraulic press system, the pressure of the hydraulic pump should be adjusted as low as possible, and the pressure of the back pressure valve should also be adjusted as low as possible to reduce energy consumption and heat generation.
4. In order to prevent dust and water from falling into the oil, the oil tank shall be kept clean and maintained regularly.
5. The liquid level of the equipment oil tank shall always be kept high, so that the oil in the system has sufficient circulating cooling conditions, and pay attention to keeping the oil tank, pipeline and other equipment clean, so as to facilitate heat dissipation. Generally, the safe temperature of oil is 30 ℃ - 55 ℃, which is a more appropriate service temperature, with high performance and long service life. When the oil temperature is higher than 60 ℃, its service life will be reduced for every 8 ℃ increase.
6. The pressure in the CNC hydraulic press system shall not be lower than the atmospheric pressure as much as possible. At the same time, a good sealing device shall be used. If the seal fails, it shall be replaced in time. The stressed screws, such as the cylinder port guide sleeve screws and piston rod flange screws, shall be fastened regularly to avoid loosening. Avoid air entering the hydraulic system and oil leakage.

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